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final class FwupdPlugin.Quirks : GObject.Object
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Quirks can be used to modify device behavior. When fwupd is installed in long-term support distros it’s very hard to backport new versions as new hardware is released.

There are several reasons why we can’t just include the mapping and quirk information in the AppStream metadata:

  • The extra data is hugely specific to the installed fwupd plugin versions
  • The device-id is per-device, and the mapping is usually per-plugin
  • Often the information is needed before the FuDevice is created
  • There are security implications in allowing plugins to handle new devices

The idea with quirks is that the end user can drop an additional (or replace an existing) file in a .d director with a simple format and the hardware will magically start working. This assumes no new quirks are required, as this would obviously need code changes, but allows us to get most existing devices working in an easy way without the user compiling anything.

Plugins may add support for additional quirks that are relevant only for those plugins, and should be documented in the per-plugin files.

You can add quirk files in /usr/share/fwupd/quirks.d or /var/lib/fwupd/quirks.d/.

Here is an example as seen in the CSR plugin:

Plugin = dfu_csr
Name = H05
Summary = Bluetooth Headphones
Icon = audio-headphones
Vendor = AIAIAI
Version = 1.2

See also: FuDevice, FuPlugin


hierarchy this FuQuirks ancestor_0 GObject ancestor_0--this




Creates a new quirks object.

since: 1.0.1

Instance methods


Adds a possible quirk key. If added by a plugin it should be namespaced using the plugin name, where possible.

since: 1.5.8


Loads the various files that define the hardware quirks used in plugins.

since: 1.0.1


Looks up an entry in the hardware database using a string value.

since: 1.0.1


Looks up all entries in the hardware database using a GUID value.

since: 1.3.3

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struct FwupdPluginQuirksClass {
  GObjectClass parent_class;
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parent_class: GObjectClass
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