Plugin: Synaptics RMI4


This plugin updates integrated Synaptics RMI4 devices, typically touchpads.

GUID Generation

The HID DeviceInstanceId values are used, e.g. HIDRAW\VEN_06CB&DEV_4875.

These devices also use custom GUID values constructed using the board ID, e.g.

  • SYNAPTICS_RMI\TM3038-002

Update Behavior

The device usually presents in HID mode, and the firmware is written to the device by switching to a SERIO mode where the touchpad is nonfunctional. Once complete the device is reset to get out of SERIO mode and to load the new firmware version.

Vendor ID Security

The vendor ID is set from the udev vendor, in this instance set to HIDRAW:0x06CB

Firmware Format

The daemon will decompress the cabinet archive and extract a firmware blob in a proprietary (but documented) file format.

This plugin supports the following protocol ID:

  • com.synaptics.rmi

External Interface Access

This plugin requires ioctl access to HIDIOCSFEATURE and HIDIOCGFEATURE.

Version Considerations

This plugin has been available since fwupd version 1.3.3.


Anyone can submit a pull request to modify this plugin, but the following people should be consulted before making major or functional changes:

  • David Chiu: blueue
  • Vincent Huang: vhuag