Plugin: Kinetic DP


This plugin supports updating FW for Kinetic DP converter chips.

Firmware Format

The daemon will decompress the cabinet archive and extract a firmware blob in an unspecified binary file format.

This plugin supports the following protocol ID:

  • com.kinet-ic.dp

GUID Generation

These devices use custom GUID values, e.g.

  • MST\VEN_60AD&DEV_${dev_id}&CID_${customer_id}&CHW_${customer_board}
  • MST\VEN_60AD&DEV_${dev_id}&CID_${customer_id} (only-quirk)
  • MST\VEN_60AD&FAM_${family_id} (only-quirk)

Vendor ID Security

The vendor ID is set from the PCI vendor, for example set to DRM_DP_AUX_DEV:0x$(vid)


(Kernel) DP Aux Interface

Kernel 4.6 introduced an DRM DP Aux interface for manipulation of the registers needed to access an DP hub. This patch can be backported to earlier kernels:


Supported devices will be displayed in # fwupdmgr get-devices output.

External interface access

This plugin requires read/write access to /dev/drm_dp_aux*.

Version Considerations

This plugin has been available since fwupd version 1.9.8.


Anyone can submit a pull request to modify this plugin, but the following people should be consulted before making major or functional changes:

  • Francis Lee FrancisLeeKinetic