fwupdmgr client command line utility


fwupdmgr — firmware update manager client utility


fwupdmgr [CMD]


fwupdmgr is a command line fwupd client intended to be used interactively. The terminal output between versions of fwupd is not guaranteed to be stable, but if you plan on parsing the results then adding —json might be just what you need.

There are also graphical tools to firmware available for various desktop environments. These applications may be more useful to many users compared to using the command line.

On most systems fwupd is configured to download metadata from the Linux Vendor Firmware Service https://fwupd.org/ and more information about the LVFS is available here: https://lvfs.readthedocs.io/

Most users who want to just update all devices to the latest versions can do fwupdmgr refresh and then fwupdmgr update. At this point the system will asking for confirmation, update some devices, and may then reboot to deploy other updates offline.


The fwupdmgr command takes various options depending on the action. Run fwupdmgr —help for the full list.


Commands that successfully execute will return “0”, with generic failure as “1”.

There are also several other exit codes used: A return code of “2” is used for commands that have no actions but were successfully executed, and “3” is used when a resource was not found.


See GitHub Issues: https://github.com/fwupd/fwupd/issues


fwupdtool(1) fwupd.conf(5)